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** See the bottom of this post for an update **

I had a friend ask if I could make an apron, so headed out to find some fabric. I was pretty excited by what I found and had a good idea of what  I was looking to make.

I have an apron that was given to my wife and I when we were married. Its a Williams-Sonoma and is bubble-gum pink. The joke is that its just mine because of the colour. In truth, I wear it more than my wife simply because I make more mess when I cook.

But the one feature I think is really well done, is that the straps are in reality just one strap that passes through the body of the apron to go around your waist and neck. The advantage is that you can always get it over your head and it adjusts to fit anyone’s height making it great for use by many people.

Anyways, I probably have spent too much time in my life appreciating the thoughtful design of an apron, but good design is still good design.

So when it came to making an apron for children, I quickly realized that the benefits of the famous pink apron would be useful for a child’s apron to – easy to get on, one size fits all and easy to adjust to growing children.

Armed with this plan and lots of fabric, I drew up a pattern and got to work.





IMG_2554 - Version 2

I made the pattern based on my three year old. I’d say its a bit big for a nearly 2 year old. Slight adjustments may be required…..

I have a pocket made for the front of the apron, but am on the fence right now. What do you think?

Talk soon!


*** Update: This apron is now available at my Etsy store – ***


New Fabrics

This is a post that is a couple weeks late, but here it is!

During the Family Day long weekend, I picked up some more fabric to make some more toys with. I’m pretty excited to see how these turn out. Let me know what you think!

IMG_2381 IMG_2382 IMG_2383 IMG_2384


I’ve mentioned them here before, but I’ll say it again. Needlework here in Hamilton has an amazing selection of fabrics for all types of sewing projects. They run classes for beginners and up, are always willing to help out in picking fabrics or any other kind of question you may have. Did I mention they have a shop dog. Peggy is adorable?

They may not have an enormous (overwhelming?) selection, but make up for quantity by curating their selection very well. Which I appreciate as I’m usually running in on my lunch or during nap time. So its great to know that I’m going to find something that suits the project I’m working on.

Currently, it appears I have a thing for Denyse Schmidt (FB). Could be worse, right?

Talk soon,


Skating, and the 3:1 Rule

I’ve confirmed there is exists a 3:1 rule for children and outdoor activities. We took the boys skating over the weekend and I’m quite sure that we spent at least 3 hours getting dressed, putting on skates, getting undressed and warming up for a scant 1 hour of outdoor time. (Outdoor time includes skating, getting into and out of the car, getting from the rink to the cafe next door, looking at the ducks on the Harbour.) Not to suggest that it wasn’t fun and that we and the boys didn’t enjoy ourselves.

Just to say, “Come on Spring!”


Beaver Pattern is now available

Hey – Just wanted to let everyone know that the pattern I for my stuffed Beaver toy is now available in my etsy shop –

You can see some of the process in the gallery below and in posts here and here.

I’m currently working on a post about all the fabrics I picked up on the Family Day long weekend – stay tuned.


Talk soon,


Coffee on the Couch

Last night, after a long day, I was sitting on the couch, having a coffee. Both boys wanted to read books, and I was indulging them. However, as is often the case, reading on the couch also involves climbing on the back to stand in the window, crawling over the arm to ‘flip’ onto the seats – reading, boy styles.

But I wanted my coffee. So I was drinking it. I heard the small voice in my head saying “Really? Best plan?” I imagined the look of a couch with massive coffee stains.

And then it happened. Our little guy made a leap up towards the back. I quickly switched the coffee from my right hand to my left in just the nick of time. Then, I sat there smugly thinking, “That’s right, I can do this.”

At which point, he squirreled onto my lap. Onto both arms.

Lets just say that my project focus may have changed.

Slip covers anyone?



Folding laundry

So I was folding laundry one morning this past weekend while my wife slept in and my boys played with play dough. Wouldn’t a quilt that draws inspiration from this shirt be amazing?


I think so. But that could be the coffee talking.

New items are now up!

Just to let everyone know that new items are now up in my shop and to remind everyone that everything is one sale tomorrow! See my earlier post here for more information on the sale.

**Family Day Sale**

I’m going to have a Family Day Sale (Monday only)! 10% off each item, 20% if you refer a friend to my FB page and they ‘like’ it – Just get them to post or comment on my wall to get your reference.

I’ll be putting more items up tonight so be sure to check out my shop tomorrow –

Talk soon!


ps. If you refer someone on Facebook, contact me for a coupon code for your extra 10% discount. And thanks!

Fabric for Aprons

I had a request from a friend about making an apron, so swung by Needlework to pick up some fabric I thought would work for the project. The monkey would be the face with the orange as a backing.

I was seduced by their sale table and also picked up some for a future, as yet undefined, project.

Let me know what you think!

IMG_2389 IMG_2391

Beavers! Now for Sale!

Hey – Just wanted to let everyone know that my first batch of beavers are now up on Etsy. Check them out here –

For these guys, I developed a pattern as there really wasn’t anything great out there in a style I liked. Most attempted realistic recreations rather than a more cartoony look. You can see how it all started here.

Here are a few photos of the process that goes into each beaver.

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