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Month: January, 2013

Just picked up some fabric to make some Beavers

I cajoled the family into including a stop in a fabric store as part of our morning errands. Here are the two combinations that I’ll be using to make a batch of Beavers once that last few wrinkles are taken out of the pattern (no pun intended – but have you seen how the legs are turning out?!?

These are 100% cotton fabrics. I played it safe buying two sets of fabric in similar tones allowing the pattern to be the difference in each pair. Unlike some of the elephants, these little guys will be a little more subtle. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

Fabric Combo 1

Floral with a gingham pairing.

Fabric Combo 2

Colourful floral with polk dots (to match the leaves).

Let me know what you think!



Beaver stuffed animal and pattern.

Mark II. Still some work to do on the legs, but getting there.

Look for the pattern and finished example in my shop next week!

All the best!



Happy Wednesday!!

I’ve been working on my stuffed beaver pattern. Its coming along well but things have been busy here so progress isn’t quite as fast as I’d like. Next step, though, is to get some fabric and make a finished prototype. Watch for that next week.

In the meantime, I’ve been looking at quilts and trying to decide what a good first pattern would be. I’ve been pinning my finds so check them out –

Stay tuned!



My first items are now available at my etsy shop.

Check them out –

Talk soon,


More inspiring projects


Quilted Bag by MrsMcPorkChop – @heyporkchop


Sparkler by freshlypieced

Pattern by @freshlypieced

Quilted by @SewKindofWonder

String Quilts

A string quilt uses up scrap fabric to create blocks. The name string is a bit misleading as the quilts all appear to be made of more sizeable scraps, but with my growing scrap bin, I totally understand the conflict of throwing out those ‘usable’ pieces and storing bin upon bin.

Check out a quick primer here via Quiltville

And two different string quilt looks –

Basket full of scraps

Quilt of selveges

Diamond Blocks

Silk Diamonds – Barbara Brackman “Material Culture”

Part two explaining how this quilt can be made is here.

Check out our Pinterest for more quilts – at the bottom or here.


I got interested in quilts and that is a total rabbit hole of the internets. A couple links :

Fresh Modern Quilts

In Colour Order


just to get you started….

Working on a pattern for a beaver!

While I’m sewing up a batch of animals for my soon to be launched Etsy store, I’m also working out a pattern for beavers. Next step, tracing in illustrator before making the first trial. Good night!

Christmas project

This a photo of the stuffed animals I made for all our friends’ and family’s children.

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