More inspiring projects

by grahammcnally


Quilted Bag by MrsMcPorkChop – @heyporkchop


Sparkler by freshlypieced

Pattern by @freshlypieced

Quilted by @SewKindofWonder

String Quilts

A string quilt uses up scrap fabric to create blocks. The name string is a bit misleading as the quilts all appear to be made of more sizeable scraps, but with my growing scrap bin, I totally understand the conflict of throwing out those ‘usable’ pieces and storing bin upon bin.

Check out a quick primer here via Quiltville

And two different string quilt looks –

Basket full of scraps

Quilt of selveges

Diamond Blocks

Silk Diamonds – Barbara Brackman “Material Culture”

Part two explaining how this quilt can be made is here.

Check out our Pinterest for more quilts – at the bottom or here.