Just picked up some fabric to make some Beavers

by grahammcnally

I cajoled the family into including a stop in a fabric store as part of our morning errands. Here are the two combinations that I’ll be using to make a batch of Beavers once that last few wrinkles are taken out of the pattern (no pun intended – but have you seen how the legs are turning out?!?

These are 100% cotton fabrics. I played it safe buying two sets of fabric in similar tones allowing the pattern to be the difference in each pair. Unlike some of the elephants, these little guys will be a little more subtle. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

Fabric Combo 1

Floral with a gingham pairing.

Fabric Combo 2

Colourful floral with polk dots (to match the leaves).

Let me know what you think!