by grahammcnally

** See the bottom of this post for an update **

I had a friend ask if I could make an apron, so headed out to find some fabric. I was pretty excited by what I found and had a good idea of what  I was looking to make.

I have an apron that was given to my wife and I when we were married. Its a Williams-Sonoma and is bubble-gum pink. The joke is that its just mine because of the colour. In truth, I wear it more than my wife simply because I make more mess when I cook.

But the one feature I think is really well done, is that the straps are in reality just one strap that passes through the body of the apron to go around your waist and neck. The advantage is that you can always get it over your head and it adjusts to fit anyone’s height making it great for use by many people.

Anyways, I probably have spent too much time in my life appreciating the thoughtful design of an apron, but good design is still good design.

So when it came to making an apron for children, I quickly realized that the benefits of the famous pink apron would be useful for a child’s apron to – easy to get on, one size fits all and easy to adjust to growing children.

Armed with this plan and lots of fabric, I drew up a pattern and got to work.





IMG_2554 - Version 2

I made the pattern based on my three year old. I’d say its a bit big for a nearly 2 year old. Slight adjustments may be required…..

I have a pocket made for the front of the apron, but am on the fence right now. What do you think?

Talk soon!


*** Update: This apron is now available at my Etsy store – sewmanlyshop.etsy.com ***