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New Fabrics

This is a post that is a couple weeks late, but here it is!

During the Family Day long weekend, I picked up some more fabric to make some more toys with. I’m pretty excited to see how these turn out. Let me know what you think!

IMG_2381 IMG_2382 IMG_2383 IMG_2384


I’ve mentioned them here before, but I’ll say it again. Needlework here in Hamilton has an amazing selection of fabrics for all types of sewing projects. They run classes for beginners and up, are always willing to help out in picking fabrics or any other kind of question you may have. Did I mention they have a shop dog. Peggy is adorable?

They may not have an enormous (overwhelming?) selection, but make up for quantity by curating their selection very well. Which I appreciate as I’m usually running in on my lunch or during nap time. So its great to know that I’m going to find something that suits the project I’m working on.

Currently, it appears I have a thing for Denyse Schmidt (FB). Could be worse, right?

Talk soon,



Folding laundry

So I was folding laundry one morning this past weekend while my wife slept in and my boys played with play dough. Wouldn’t a quilt that draws inspiration from this shirt be amazing?


I think so. But that could be the coffee talking.

More inspiring projects


Quilted Bag by MrsMcPorkChop – @heyporkchop


Sparkler by freshlypieced

Pattern by @freshlypieced

Quilted by @SewKindofWonder

String Quilts

A string quilt uses up scrap fabric to create blocks. The name string is a bit misleading as the quilts all appear to be made of more sizeable scraps, but with my growing scrap bin, I totally understand the conflict of throwing out those ‘usable’ pieces and storing bin upon bin.

Check out a quick primer here via Quiltville

And two different string quilt looks –

Basket full of scraps

Quilt of selveges

Diamond Blocks

Silk Diamonds – Barbara Brackman “Material Culture”

Part two explaining how this quilt can be made is here.

Check out our Pinterest for more quilts – at the bottom or here.


I got interested in quilts and that is a total rabbit hole of the internets. A couple links :

Fresh Modern Quilts

In Colour Order


just to get you started….

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