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New Fabrics

This is a post that is a couple weeks late, but here it is!

During the Family Day long weekend, I picked up some more fabric to make some more toys with. I’m pretty excited to see how these turn out. Let me know what you think!

IMG_2381 IMG_2382 IMG_2383 IMG_2384


I’ve mentioned them here before, but I’ll say it again. Needlework here in Hamilton has an amazing selection of fabrics for all types of sewing projects. They run classes for beginners and up, are always willing to help out in picking fabrics or any other kind of question you may have. Did I mention they have a shop dog. Peggy is adorable?

They may not have an enormous (overwhelming?) selection, but make up for quantity by curating their selection very well. Which I appreciate as I’m usually running in on my lunch or during nap time. So its great to know that I’m going to find something that suits the project I’m working on.

Currently, it appears I have a thing for Denyse Schmidt (FB). Could be worse, right?

Talk soon,



New items are now up!

Just to let everyone know that new items are now up in my shop and to remind everyone that everything is one sale tomorrow! See my earlier post here for more information on the sale.

**Family Day Sale**

I’m going to have a Family Day Sale (Monday only)! 10% off each item, 20% if you refer a friend to my FB page and they ‘like’ it – Just get them to post or comment on my wall to get your reference.

I’ll be putting more items up tonight so be sure to check out my shop tomorrow –

Talk soon!


ps. If you refer someone on Facebook, contact me for a coupon code for your extra 10% discount. And thanks!

Beavers! Now for Sale!

Hey – Just wanted to let everyone know that my first batch of beavers are now up on Etsy. Check them out here –

For these guys, I developed a pattern as there really wasn’t anything great out there in a style I liked. Most attempted realistic recreations rather than a more cartoony look. You can see how it all started here.

Here are a few photos of the process that goes into each beaver.


I made a slew of elephants for Christmas presents this year. They are fun to make and kids really seem to enjoy them. So I’ve made another parade. Here is a selection of the different fabrics I used.

We have a really great sewing shop here in Hamilton – Needlework. When I need fabric and can organize our Saturday mornings to include a stop here, I love going to this shop. They have a well curated selection of fabric that is definitely inspiring.

So, a couple yards of fabric from Needlework and a bit left over from other projects around the house went into making these guys. I hope you like them.

Check them out in my Etsy store –


Just picked up some fabric to make some Beavers

I cajoled the family into including a stop in a fabric store as part of our morning errands. Here are the two combinations that I’ll be using to make a batch of Beavers once that last few wrinkles are taken out of the pattern (no pun intended – but have you seen how the legs are turning out?!?

These are 100% cotton fabrics. I played it safe buying two sets of fabric in similar tones allowing the pattern to be the difference in each pair. Unlike some of the elephants, these little guys will be a little more subtle. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

Fabric Combo 1

Floral with a gingham pairing.

Fabric Combo 2

Colourful floral with polk dots (to match the leaves).

Let me know what you think!


Beaver stuffed animal and pattern.

Mark II. Still some work to do on the legs, but getting there.

Look for the pattern and finished example in my shop next week!

All the best!


Working on a pattern for a beaver!

While I’m sewing up a batch of animals for my soon to be launched Etsy store, I’m also working out a pattern for beavers. Next step, tracing in illustrator before making the first trial. Good night!

Christmas project

This a photo of the stuffed animals I made for all our friends’ and family’s children.

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