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Coffee on the Couch

Last night, after a long day, I was sitting on the couch, having a coffee. Both boys wanted to read books, and I was indulging them. However, as is often the case, reading on the couch also involves climbing on the back to stand in the window, crawling over the arm to ‘flip’ onto the seats – reading, boy styles.

But I wanted my coffee. So I was drinking it. I heard the small voice in my head saying “Really? Best plan?” I imagined the look of a couch with massive coffee stains.

And then it happened. Our little guy made a leap up towards the back. I quickly switched the coffee from my right hand to my left in just the nick of time. Then, I sat there smugly thinking, “That’s right, I can do this.”

At which point, he squirreled onto my lap. Onto both arms.

Lets just say that my project focus may have changed.

Slip covers anyone?





I guess it’s a good thing.

I finished the first beaver last night. I’m very happy with it.

Unfortunately, my 3 year old is insisting it’s his. I suppose that’s a good thing as it suggests kids will like them. However, it also puts me back a bit as I need to make another to put in my etsy store ( Ah well – making toys for my kids is why I got started with these projects. So that they enjoy them this much is kind of great.

Pics to follow soon!


Beaver pattern almost ready!

I made some small (and hopefully final!) adjustments to the pattern last night. Going to make one more tester and if all goes well, finalize the pattern. Then watch for the Beavers in my Etsy store in the next couple weeks.

It’s been an interesting process, developing this pattern. Some minor stumbles and misteps along the way, but I have finally worked out the kinks and have something I’m happy with. Of course, being the optimist I am, I thought I’d have this ready a couple weeks ago. But that its taken longer has made it better by giving me a critical distance from the results.

Oh, and its made the fun last longer too. 🙂

Have a great weekend!



Happy Wednesday!!

I’ve been working on my stuffed beaver pattern. Its coming along well but things have been busy here so progress isn’t quite as fast as I’d like. Next step, though, is to get some fabric and make a finished prototype. Watch for that next week.

In the meantime, I’ve been looking at quilts and trying to decide what a good first pattern would be. I’ve been pinning my finds so check them out –

Stay tuned!



My first items are now available at my etsy shop.

Check them out –

Talk soon,


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